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Our barbeque dried meat is suitable for gifting, especially during festivals like Chinese New Year.
It is great as a snack for events and gifts
For online purchase delivery orders, each piece of Bak Kwa is also vacuum-packed dried meat individually to maintain freshness and taste the best.

About Wing Heong's Dried Meat or Bakkwa

Dried meat Malaysia & Bakkwa Malaysia. Wing Heong dried meats grilled using charcoal, all our Bak Kwa here are no artificial preservatives, hind leg meat tenderizer and no artificial colouring added. We remain unchanged our principle to make dried meat are freshly grilled daily and make Bak Kwa in the traditional way to satisfy our customers from all over the world.

To guarantee the delicious flavour of dried meat. We also have available in an individual vacuum packed every slices. Every pork sliced dried meat is carefully marinated in our secret recipes which had been passed down by generations.


永香肉干源自于马来西亚。 至今永香肉干仍使用碳烤制作肉干。我们的肉干没有防腐剂,松肉剂 和色素。直到今天,我们依然秉持我们的原则,使用传统手作技巧每天新鲜制作碳烤肉干以应付来自世界各地的顾客。


Types of Dried Meat or Bakkwa

People eat Bak Kwa Chinese style BBQ traditionally made of pork jerky. If you don’t eat pork, you can choose sliced chicken Bakkwa pieces of dried meat. Our minced chicken dried meat offers up a new intriguing new taste. The Bak Kwa products available, other unusual meat used are ostrich, sliced pork Bakkwa, chicken Bak Kwa dried meat offered by Bak Kwa specialty shops.

Wing Heong fresh BBQ dried meat bacon Bak Kua is the best bacons meat in Malaysia. Our dried barbecued taste honey flavor bacon offers up a finger-licking good taste from the heart of keeping its traditional handmade method. We infuse the tender of lean bacon meat to create a charcoal grilled in honeysauce perfect balance of sweet.



永香肉干行是马来西亚数一数二的知名肉干品牌, 其中的蜜汁火腿猪肉干是马来西亚最畅销的口味之一。我们的碳烤蜜汁火腿口味猪肉干保存着其传统手工制作方法. 除此之外, 蜜汁火腿猪 肉干使用瘦火腿猪肉来打造出完美平衡蜜汁炭烤,提供令人垂涎三尺的美味。

Unique taste that can only be


Unique taste that can only be